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Prodigal Selves: Poems

Four poems from the beginning...

prodigal selves


i welcome you

i welcome you all

all of me from every day

every day of pain

and confusion

every day of curiosity



and enrapturement

every day of hatred



and rage

i welcome you from every day there ever was

every day that is today

and every day that ever there will be

open arms

no questions asked

no rationale required

i am here


for you

all of me from every single day


there is room                 

for us all



uncoiling the false ribs wrapped around my chest


while holding myself in a gentle steady light


i shift my mind like a parent cradling a newborn –


in slow responsive awe


battle cry


tending moments quiet enough

where i can feel the tightness coming on

where i can hear the clank

of the dull bronze armor being hooked

in place

            just under my skin

            preparing me for a battle

            that no longer exists

plates of armor nearly everywhere

so thin i almost don’t notice

unless i tend moments quiet enough

where i can hear the clank


and watch

as my light begins

to close in

on itself



i can hold you differently

and so it was that i felt the terror

of betraying myself


the internal industry of war


decades of battles cutting into my ground

buried fast with putrid mud

and covered over with sod and hedges


i didn’t even know that i was forgetting

those old distant fields


but i did a good job

i strangely treasured the ignorance

though finally

it just cost too much

this forgetting cost the best of me

the unknown


and unmarked



     but i have been preparing for you


     rise up


     reach out


     be felt in your rich resonance!


     my heart is ready for this sorrow


     i can hold you differently


     i can feel you now

i can honor the fallen


they shall be born again

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